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Practicing Etiquette in the CBD Industry

At Jushi Holdings, we consider the understanding consumer trends and insights a strategic priority. Recently, patrons have been moving away from conventional methods of consumption such as smoking. Instead, consumers are indulging in creative practices including the use of tinctures and edibles. Jushi values our consumers’ preferences, and we incorporate these trends providing high-quality tinctures, soft gel capsules, and topical lotion.

In order to more closely meet consumer needs, it is important to pay attention to incoming data. Currently, consumers are interested in options. They want to build a relationship with a brand they can trust, while also relying on that brand to provide them with a healthy selection of products. However, consumers are not looking to be overwhelmed by choices. Therefore, it is in the company’s best interest to offer various methods of consumption, while not inundating the consumer with too much choice.

Presently, projections assert that the hemp-CBD market could reach nearly $22 billion in sales by 2022. In order to maximize this opportunity, we believe that consumer needs must be kept top of mind. As a business in the CBD industry, we must follow the trends as they come up in order to offer our customers the top-quality products they deserve. As of now, CBD tinctures remain a widely popular method of use for CBD users. These products are easily able to be consumed and absorbed quickly into the bloodstream as compared to other products like edibles and vaporizers which take a little more time to break down.

The CBD industry has been rapidly expanding since hemp was federally legalized in 2019. The market holds a lot of promise for growth in the years to come. We are very excited for the upcoming changes our industry will see. However, due to cannabis’ current illegal status, those in the industry must focus on regulators’ guidelines as well. Cannabis and hemp share the same genus, so it is hard for regulators to determine what can and cannot be approved. While we at Jushi find it imperative to follow our consumers’ needs, we also want to hold a standard of compliance in order to follow along with federal laws that guide our industry.

Regulatory uncertainty impacts and influences the CBD industry in ways unseen in other industries. With that in mind, we are committed to developing safe products for our consumers, as well as following compliance measures as closely as we can in order to deliver outstanding products for those seeking peaceful wellness. We believe transparency is equally as important to our consumer to leave a good taste both for our products and for peace of mind.

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Patrick Libonate AUTHOR
*The views and opinions expressed are those of the writer and do not reflect the position of Jushi Holdings Inc. or its subsidiaries.