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Jushi Employee Spotlight: Josh Malman

We at Jushi Holdings Inc. recognize that our employees’ diverse talents create the space for us to develop an organizational environment that allows us to excel and thrive. In order to underscore this variety in expertise, we want to highlight our Vice President of Cultivation Operations, Josh Malman. Josh joined our team earlier this year, bringing a wealth of knowledge in both cultivation and horticulture with him. 


Josh cultivated a love for plants long before joining us at Jushi. He received his Bachelor in International Horticulture from the University of Wisconsin- Madison. Josh was also a Garden Leader at his school-based community garden. Pre-Jushi, Josh was working on developing his talents in cannabis cultivation, holding positions as a Grow Operations Manager and as Director of Cultivation Operations at The Clinic. Josh’s deeply rooted interest in cultivation practice only further suits him for this position, and we know he will do great things moving forward.


As a part of the Jushi team, we know how energizing the atmosphere of this industry can be. The landscape is fertile, and the air is invigorating. Our hemp-focused business operations are developing rapidly, and Josh knows that his opportunities in cultivation are only going to continue to grow.


We admire Josh’s connection to his work. However, his adoration for nature expands even further than his career. While Josh isn’t working, he can be found out shredding the ski slopes. He also enjoys other outdoor activities such as camping and of course, gardening.


As with many of us in this industry, Josh dreams of seeing his opportunities flourish in front of him. “It’s an exciting opportunity to grow at a national cannabis company,” he says. He is eager to participate in a number of larger-scale projects as he continues in his role at Jushi, and he sees a lot of promise in the company as it continues to grow.

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